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The creator of the future

Phoetech's team members are from 12 different countries around the world, and are top global talents in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, finance, hardware, etc. We are committed to using the world's top scientific technology to realize the future changes of human life, hoping that our industrial research and transformation today will become the cornerstone of human convenient life in the future.

The creator of the future

We strive to build a human-like brain structure for artificial intelligence that can iterate on itself so that the AI architecture can be upgraded from a logical arrangement of numbers to a living organism with independent thinking.

A pioneer in building the future

Phoetech collaborates with many top universities in the U.S. to quickly upgrade industrial research into industrial skills

Relying on its unique industrial advantage, Phoetech has received technical cooperation from top universities (UCLA, UCR, and USC), which are amongst the top AI theoretical and technological research institutions and has rapidly completed the technical

Phoetech integrates the world's top technology companies

Phoetech's technology is the result of the cooperation of the world's top AI companies, and is the result of years of technology precipitation in the industry crystallization, in the continuous iteration of products and technology to establish the industry's leading enterprise.

The focus of capital development, the focus of global capital

As the most fastest growing industry this century, Phoetech has gained attention from the world capital market and received capital assistance from various aspects. The strong capital support is the driving force of Phoetech's development and the strong backing to promote the integration of industry and finance.

Our Capabilities and Mission
Technology Research

- Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

- Cloud Computing

- Internet of Things (IOT)

- Phoecoin Smart Supply Chain

Industry Incubation Center

- Phoelife-Smart Home


The world's first AI smart home system with sensory empathy

Our Financial Listing Objectives

Our Performance Goals and Nasdaq Goals

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