What We Do

We provide the greatest impetus to the market with creative financial solutions and targeted industry integration

Growth Investment

We insist on long-term, professional and valuable investment to make money from the growth of enterprises.

Rejecting mediocrity

We refuse to be mediocre, we pursue excellence and strive to continue to build the top enterprises and form industry advantages by promoting listing and other means.

Combination of industry and finance

We establish vertical industry channels with links and mutual support to realize the integration of industry and finance.


Installment purchase

Phoetech payment installments does not need you to be tied up to any credit cards, nor does it require consumers to complete any procedure of applying for a card.

Deposit-free Leasing

Phoelife takes the lead in the smart home field by means of financial leasing, and adopts the membership leasing method for the United States and other countries, so as to achieve the strategic direction of rapid rollout.

Partner recruitment

Huge Blue Ocean Market Opportunity Recruiting partners to join us to build a $10 billion empire

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