Our Approach

With AI intelligence as the core of Smart City/community system.

The Phoelife brand is launched by Phoetech Group inc. under the background of 5G+Alot technology, combining the market blue ocean of whole-house smart home ecology emerging from the post-epidemic era. Phoetech promotes the comprehensive innovation of smart home life 4.0 by combining "physical + capital market + technology" and leads the blue sea of market in the post-epidemic era to a new height of capital.

Our products


Extraordinary Enjoyment Inspired

21.5-inch high-definition display, 10-point capacitive touch technology, flexible as water between the fingers, interpreting an interactive sensory feast.

Health Management

Smart health service monitor health data and provide users with health advice and fitness programs in real time.

Health Care

Health Care service supports unlimited extension of various health devices, such as skin meter, weight scale, blood glucose meter, etc.

A broad system of accessories

Phoelife has the most abundant accessory ecology in the market, supporting a variety of external health equipment unlimited extension. It can real-time monitoring of physical health data, and combined with big data analysis technology. At the same time with such as monitors, lighting control, temperature control, etc., to provide users with the most comfortable and intelligent home life experience

Improving your life with technology

Using capital to promote the development of technology, using technology to improve your life and mine